Monday, July 2, 2012

Indie Authors’ Expo Update

Well, I’m busy making phone calls, filling out forms and trying to nail down a date for our Indie Author’s Expo. It’s a bit of a slow go at present because my attentions are elsewhere due to illness in my family.  However, I’m slogging along.

I’ve had great response from Indie authors out there, potential speakers and even a fully-functioning non-profit organization that would like to be involved. 

Here are links to the previous posts on this event. 

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Sometime this month, as soon as humanly possible, I will kick-off a fund-raising campaign. I’m discussing doing a video for it with a friend who is a videographer.

I’ve had some very good suggestions on subjects to cover in the workshops. Thank you.

Here’s what I’m looking for now:

  • People located in Northern California who are interested in volunteering during the event and perhaps interested in joining an Indie Authors group. Please contact me with any questions or just to throw up your hand and say, “Me, me!”
  • Day Two will start with a breakfast followed by a keynote speaker. I have three possibilities in mind for that speaker, but would really like to know who you would most like to have up there at the podium.
  • Comments from those who have attended a book fair, convention or tradeshow in the past as to what you liked and what turned you off. 

Again, this event if for all of us, so please let yourself be heard. 


  1. I admire and appreciate your tenacity. People who get things done are those who have a vision and the determination to go where no one has dared go before. You're on the way.

  2. Thanks, Caleb. That means a lot to me. That children's book The Little Engine That Could has been with me all these years and never loses it's power. I have a copy given to me by my daughter at my darkest hour because I had read it to her so many times.

  3. I have been two a few different book/writers conventions. What I find annoying is when the people on the panels don't have knowledge or experience in the topic. For example, I was attending a panel discussing YA books recently and there was an erotica writer on the panel who introduced herself has someone who doesn't write or read YA books. Nice.

    I am not in Northern CA, but I would be willing to fly out for this. I would be happy to volunteer and participate in panels.

    Keynote speakers that I'd like to see... JA Konrath, Barry Eisler, Amanda Hocking, EL James. Okay, knowing those speakers are not likely, how about Rachel (in the OC) Thompson, Amber Scott or Carolyn McCray?

  4. Nice, Jesi! I used the wrong "two" in my post. Honestly, I really am a writer. :)

  5. You're awesome, truly. Most people just talk about. If I think of any keynote speakers, I'll let you know. Hoping your family illness situation is seeing its way toward wellness. XO