Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Pure Joy of Writing

There are those moments when I throw up my hands and think or say, “I suck.” Or maybe, “Why did I have to be a writer?” Honestly, they don’t happen much anymore. Thank you, Universe.

In the past year and half or so, I have gone through a change as a writer – a huge one. I like to picture my self as a caterpillar previously – not unlike the loopy one in Alice in Wonderland – who underwent a transformation into a writing butterfly. Seriously. Here’s why.

For much of my life – and I’ve been writing since I was eleven – I’ve been completely consumed with writing something “worthwhile,” like The Great American Novel, for starters, or perhaps the screenplay that changed the way Hollywood makes movies. There’s hardly any stress involved in those ambitions (my tongue is stuck firmly in my cheek as I write these words).

I was gifted last year with a character, Lydia (Red) Talbot, who grabbed me by my shirtfront and took me for the ride of my life. She was so much fun to write that I lost myself in her story, often laughing out loud as I wrote about her crazy adventures. It was pure joy!

I’ve been struggling to get there again and had almost given up hope, when an idea came to me so freely and fully that I actually wrote the 60-page manuscript The Great Twitter Adventure – How 5 Tweeps Saved the World last weekend. I’ve been polishing it this week and plan on publishing it this weekend. When does that kind of writing ever come along?

It was literally stream of consciousness and luckily a fun story came bursting forth – full-blown like Athena from Zeus’ forehead. Okay, that’s a highbrow bit of analogy, I admit, but really – this was an incredible experience. Over 3 days, I only left my RV twice – once to take the garbage out and once to treat myself to a birthday dinner. Two hours, max. The rest of 72-hour period I was scribing my pea-picking heart out.

And it was again – pure joy. I laughed and smiled and was transported into the world of The Fearless Five (the gang of Twitter addicts in the book) and nary a worry in my own world. I was in The Zone, as Joe Montana used to say.

Thank goodness, I haven’t lost that feeling. I would have spent the rest of my life trying to get it back because I’ve never experienced anything like it. The ecstasy of writing, when it just flows, is as addictive as any drug. And it’s legal!


  1. When the joy returns, especially when you think it's gone forever, the feeling is indescribable--- well, until now it has been indescribable - you have done a great job of reminding, and, for those who have never experienced the feeling, describing it. You are quite a writer my friend.

  2. Thanks, Bert! I've been on such a high from this stint of happy writing I had to share.

  3. Congratulations on experiencing the great joy of writing again! There are days writing is a struggle; tedious and confusing. Then there are those days, like you've just described, where thoughts and feelings come at you so fast you're afraid you'll forget them before you get them all down! Best wishes for lots of joy-filled writing days in 2012!!

  4. If only we weren't so impatient. That waiting bit can really take a bite out of life. But then comes the miraculous, or so it seems, and "it" happens again. So glad it was you, my dear, so very glad. xo

  5. Love this, Kathy! There's absolutely nothing like being in your zone. Nothing. Can't wait to read the new adventure!

  6. Way to go, Kathy! Great to hear the juices are following. It is a thrill to be a writer. I mean how many people do something they love to do?
    I've just emerged from a "Am I good enough" period thanks to someone I let read a manuscript in which they had no interest. I was asked, "Are you really going to publish this?" I don't know why I took it so hard but it nearly ruined me until I read some review of my other works. Your review is one I always return to to know I can write. I'm back at it and I am taking deep breaths again. Thank you!

    BTW. I love your books! You're a great writer.

  7. I have been so deeply involved in getting this project on Amazon that I've neglected my friends and commenters alike. I put The Great Twitter Adventure to bed tonight - pushed the button and am waiting for it to go live. I don't think I've been more pleased with anything I've ever written because I love the message - that Twitter friends are real friends and we all save each other every day. Plus it's a helluva a lot of fun.

    Thank you all for the understanding and encouragement.

  8. Well done for following it thru. Real committments is rare & clearly you have it. Makes up for all the other times of wrestling with the ' this is crap' demons. Look forward to reading it. AK. Andrew