Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chaos is the Birth Mother of Story

The truth is that the frantic swimming of millions of little sperm towards the ultimate impregnation of a microscopic egg is a great analogy for how ideas come together for writers (in fact, all creatives) to finally great a story; and there is nothing more chaotic.

I’ve written about chaos before, in its defense, but it’s time to do it again. So many people are frightened by the disorder of the mind that comes just before a great idea that they often don’t recognize that they are literally an incubator and that bedlam inside the mind is due to thoughts trying desperately to bond.

That feeling of madness is to be cherished and nurtured rather than avoided at all cost. In the end, when the concepts meld together and form the stem, then the flower, of your plot, you are either grateful to chaos or may ignore it completely and believe that the whole thing came from your careful outlining. I’m not disrespecting outlining here; just putting forth that it is not the genesis of creativity.

Give Chaos a chance! Invite her in and wait impatiently for the birth of Order...

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