Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm a Dreamer

My very favorite song ever is “Imagine” by John Lennon. This particular line always hit home – “You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.”

I’ve always been a dreamer. I believe in the better side of things and choose to live in the light rather than the darkness, which is why I have a very hard time writing dark and disturbing things.

The Wounded Warrior Valentine drive I started last week is a good example of the dreamer in me. I made it my goal to sell 2,000 copies of The Great Twitter Adventure, so that I could donate the $700 profit to Wounded Warriors – even though in a month long drive during the month of September I only managed to sell 50 books. I set ridiculously high goals at times and fully believe I can accomplish them. Why? Because it’s possible.

Things don’t to have to be probable for me to buy into them. Only possible. I believe that’s a major ingredient in a dreamer’s mindset. The negatives don’t halt us; generally speaking, we embrace the positives and go with it. Is this practical? Absolutely not. Does it sometimes work? Absolutely!

Here’s the best personal example I have of that. I went to work for the Maricopa Monitor, a community newspaper, as a reporter. Two days later I was asked if I thought I could handle being the editor. Mind you, I had never done any editing whatsoever and this position required doing the actual layout of the newspaper. I didn’t hesitate. I said I was sure I could. The next day I was the editor of the paper. My first two editions were a little sloppy, but by the third week, my paper looked way better than my predecessor’s product had.

I didn’t know what I was getting into so I just jumped and it worked out. I am very proud of that moment when I went for it without hesitation and I credit the dreamer in me. She believes in me, in the world and in possibilities. She’s also responsible for my writing.

If I wrung my hands over whether I could write, I would never write. My inner visionary becomes or falls in love with the characters, sees a future for them and sees the published book. She also clearly sees people reading the book and because of her there have been people to read my books.

Yes, I am a dreamer, unrealistic at times and damn proud of it. Come dream with me.


  1. Well, let's get to work on the dream. I'll download the book and get my little chirp tweeting from here. Let's see eh...

  2. Love your sunshine, Mama. Just one more glorious thing about you!I'll get it downloaded tonight.

    1. Did I ever say thanks? I'm pretty sure not. Thank you Lovely Christina.

    2. Just found your blog (via twitter). I'm proud to be a member of the dreamer club, too. I love John Lennon and his music is very prolific in my life as well. Thanks for writing such encouraging words! Hugs ~ K

  3. I'm impressed with the 50 in September. How'd you do that? I hope you make the 700 and then some!

  4. Yes, yes, yes! I love this attitude and this way of being in the world :)

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  6. Wow! Woke up this morning to all these wonderful comments. Thank you all. I gave notice at my job yesterday without another job in hand. I'm not sure what I'm going to do next but had to make that move because I just couldn't hang anymore after 4 years. I fully believe everything will not only be alright, but I'll come out better in the end. But honestly, there was tiny bit of worry on my mind this morning, until I read all your lovely thoughts. Rock on to all of us! And I'm all gung ho to work on the fund drive today.

  7. I met Sally Newman at a workshop I conducted about a thousand years ago. She told me she was the best cosmetics salesperson at Davidson's Department store in Atlanta - I asked her secret and she smiled and said, "I just rub it in and swear that it works." That's the secret to all success - rub it in and swear it works - it has nothing to do with probability or logic - just a double shot of confidence. Why am I telling you this?

  8. Bert - I'm going to be rubbing it in like crazy going forward!

  9. I am a dreamer too. So much so that my family gave up on me and refuse to believe that I actually grew up.

    Good luck with your new path you are embarquing on.

    Keep dreaming!