Friday, February 17, 2012

I Believe in Karma

I learned the old saying “What goes around comes around” way before I had ever heard of karma, and even at a young age, probably eight or nine, saw the truth in that statement. If you’re an observer of human interactions, as all writers are, then you can’t help but notice.

I have wholeheartedly embraced the concept of karma – when an action is seen as bringing good or bad back to the doer based on the good or bad of the action – in my life, both philosophically and spiritually. The hardest part of trying to live the theory is remembering that the boomerang effect may take years to materialize and maybe not even in this life.

Seriously, when you’ve been done wrong, it takes a really strong person to walk away and say “Well, someday it will all come back to haunt him.” On the other hand, when you know you’ve been really, really good, it’s hard to wait for Christmas morning for your reward – or years for your ship to come in.

Still, I regularly see the effects of karma – in the positive things that happen to wonderful people and in the negative “rewards” dished out to those who dump on others. It does, generally, work out within a reasonable timeframe and that’s what keeps me believing.

Wishing you, my lovely friends, tweeps, readers and those just passing by –a generous dose of good karma!


  1. I agree, Kathy Lynn! I have been fortunate enough to see Karma in action come back on someone who was very unkind to me, and I am in the midst of teaching this to my 10 year old. With our lives, words and books, Karma is alive! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I also seen Karma in it's not so subtle way! sometimes it fast and final, and other times it takes awhile! but it's coming!

  3. I think the good a persaon does-- as in giving or just a helping hand is a reward in itself but good usually comes from living life as a person who cares.

    Being evil and mean may not haunt you in life but it does affect your soul and you will suffer even with all the stuff you have.

  4. I'll take my Karma any day!!! Love it :-)