Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Have a Little Adventure on Me

I had a great time writing my novella The Great Twitter Adventure: How 5 Tweeps Saved the World, which I published back in January.  It’s the tale of five Twitter friends, four of whom travel from across the country to come to the aid of the unspoken leader of their group, Frank. There’s Maggie, the 35 year-old personnel recruiter who spearheaded the effort to rescue Frank; Edie, a spiky-haired sixtyish sprite of a woman who is a recreational hacker in her spare time; Dwayne, a golf-pro from Florida with all the style of Samuel L. Jackson and Tex, the cowboy who hails from Tucson. They cavort around the Los Angeles basin in search of their pal and manage to save the world in the process. It’s truly great fun.

I published it back in January and the promptly got sidetracked so it hasn’t gotten the attention from me that I think it deserves. Now, I’m running a free promotion on Amazon from Tuesday (5/1) through Friday (5/4). I hope you’ll take advantage of it and have a wonderful time reading it. If you do, I would sincerely appreciate a review if you have the time.

A sequel is planned for publication in the next couple of months. Did I mention this will be a running series, with three to four new novellas every year? What can I say? I love these guys!

Just click through on the book cover to your right and it will take you right to the Amazon page.

Oh, and say hello to The Fearless Five for me – that’s what they call themselves!


  1. What a great book! I loved it.

  2. Thanks Dannie! Let's hope people download and enjoy it too!

  3. Lived it! can't wait for the follow up. :-). great book.

  4. Thanks, Melissa - you are one of my most faithful! Love your support. It often makes my day!