Sunday, August 7, 2011

Newly-found World of an Indie Author

Four months ago, I promised to tell folks what my self-publishing experience was like as I went along. Yeah…no. I didn’t do that, mostly because I got so caught up in it I forgot all about this blog…and much of the rest of the world.

Here’s just a bit of what I’ve found:

· Getting a print copy of your book published and printed on Amazon is incredibly easy and can cost at little as $.00 (excluding the cost of buying copies of your own book). I spent $150 to upgrade to Professional and to buy my ISBN number.

· Getting a Kindle copy published on Amazon is even easier and completely free.

· I’ve also tried Smashwords for other eBooks. This wasn’t as easy and I’ve had zero sales on Smashwords.

· I floundered around for a while, selling hard copies to friends and family, and a few online. Also a few Kindle copies sold. I tried several ideas for marketing – none worked – then I bought a Kindle.

· The minute that happened I got a promotional email from Amazon for a book by John Locke called “How I sold 1 million eBooks in 5 months!”

· I bought the book, my first Kindle book – for just $4.99 and my world expanded. Buy the book and you’ll understand why.

· It’s impossible to explain exactly what happened, without writing a book myself, but I can say I now have a successful blog – nearing 1800 views in the past month.

· Twitter is best thing I’ve discovered – to promote my blog and therefore my book.

· In one month, my book sales increased 1600%.

I also discovered how much I love to blog. So, I’ve reactivated this blog – to be strictly about writing. My other active blog right now “Red Mojo Mama Musings” is to express feelings and thoughts about the world.

If you are a writer on the cusp of becoming an Indie author – a new phrase I discovered as well – I hope you buy the Locke book to give yourself a fair idea of what must be done and I hope you’ll stop by occasionally and see what I’ve found out.

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