Monday, August 22, 2011

Finding a Balance Between Marketing and Creation

Whether you’re an Indie author or going the traditional route, there’s a lot of marketing you must do – both of yourself as a writer and your material. If it’s not building a social media platform, it’s sending queries out to agents and publishers. This is actually true of most artists - if they want to sell their work.

I’ve found, lately, that aside from blogging, I haven’t written much. I’ve mostly been involved in marketing my first novel, Red Mojo Mama, then my second book, Tell Them You’re Fabulous. When I’m not doing that I’m trying to make connections and build my own social media platform. At first I chastised myself for not writing enough. This past week I’ve finally realized that this is a necessary step for me.

I don’t know about you, but between my day job, where I’m forced to put on a professional business hat, and the self-promotion I do nights and weekends, it’s hard to switch gears into the creative mode. So, I spend many hours on Twitter or making changes to my Facebook page, and at the end of the day, writing is the last thing I can get my mind around.

That’s okay. For the moment, I’m just staying in touch with the next book. I still have a compilation of short stories to publish over the next two weeks - then I’ll have three books online. I’m making friends and adding followers on Twitter and each one is a precious resource and well-spring of joy. I’m having the best time.

But I’m also doing business the old-fashioned way – putting a product out there and shaking hands (figuratively) with people I think might like it or may let someone else know about it. I am creating the life I want to live – as a freelance writer without an obligation to a day job.

So, if you find you are busily creating your own world and temporarily neglecting your writing, take a mental tally. Is this the thing you are supposed to be doing right now? Maybe so. Once you’ve made your mark – carved a place for yourself – I’m willing to bet your efforts to write will come more into balance with your marketing endeavors.

As I wind up this current project of publishing my third book, I can already feel the artistic juices flowing.


  1. I really hope that's the way it will work out. I've been spending all of my time marketing and promoting and haven't written in six months. It's starting to feel like I've lost my mojo. LOL! Sure hope it hasn't disappeared ...

  2. Boy, can I identify! I have four ebooks out there and a mystery series beginning with a NY publisher in December. I'm trying to get the ball rolling and feeling a lot like Sisyphus these days. I WILL finish my third mystery soon for Berkley Prime Crime, though, I WILL, I WILL. Won't I?

  3. gotta promote, or perish. But those of you with big time NY publishers at least get a publicist to help you along! nice post. thanks!

  4. I'm struggling in the same way -- been so focused on marketing (Twitter, Facebook, blog posts, ugh!) that I feel the creative well is drying up. But I'm convinced that if you push through it, the creative mojo will come back. Thanks for sharing this with us, Kathy! And best of luck with your writing!

  5. I have to say my blog has gone nowhere at all. Its been stagnant for over a month now.