Tuesday, March 1, 2016

For a Short Time Only!

I never thought I’d write that phrase, but the time has come to use it. Truly for a short-time only, I’m able to offer a service to fellow writers and at an extremely low rate.

What I’ve rarely shared with others, let alone other writers, is the fact that a thousand years ago, I was an agented screenwriter. I placed in the quarter finals of the Nicholls Fellowships screenwriting competition (associated with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) and that attracted two agents to my work. I ultimately went with one of them who worked hard to sell my manuscript. I “did” meetings with producers at Universal Studios and even Linda Gray (Sue Ellen from Dallas). Unfortunately, that did not catapult me into the Hollywood stratosphere, but it did give me a solid understanding of the process. 

Additionally, I was a freelance reader for Larry A. Thompson, a Hollywood producer, talent manager and book packager. I evaluated books and scripts for their worthiness to produce.

Also, as most of you know, I am a self-published author, but I’ve also been published as a short story writer and poet in magazines.

I have a short stay in Melaka, Malaysia, left in front of me – about a month at this writing - and I’ve discovered I’d like an enhanced income to continue traveling next year, in a slightly more upscale manner. So, I’m in the process of launching myself as a freelance writer and online researcher.

However, I have spoken to several people about the need for readers and critiques in the self-publishing industry. Therefore, I decided to offer my services in that line as well. I’m beginning with the people I know - my blog readers out there, and having been a first-time eBook publisher myself once I know that funds are limited. 

So, here’s my offer. I will read your book or screenplay (under 300 pages) and deliver a minimum of a 3-page critique for $45. I will request a $20 deposit payable through PayPal with the remainder due upon receipt of the critique. I can only take on a limited number of these projects, enough to complete while still in Malaysia (while I still have free time).

Turn-around time on the first 5 would be about a week. For the remainder, I would have to give you a time estimate when contacted. Manuscripts must be available for emailing. Mailing and receipt of a hard copy is not possible at this time. 

If you are interested, please send me an email at writinggroove@yahoo.com.


  1. What a deal. I see more travel in your future!

    1. THanks my friend! Yep - Late this summer I'm headed to Latin America!