Sunday, January 18, 2015

642 Things to Write About

What a concept!  So simple, “Here are some ideas of what to write about, go for it.”

No, they are not my ideas! I was given a workbook by a dear friend who knew I was having trouble with an overwhelmingly large writer’s block. It was created by The San Francisco Writers’ Grotto and costs $16.95, in case you’d like to get one. It’s available through multiple sources, Amazon and Barnes and Noble specifically.

This inch-thick book is well worth the time and expenditure, even if you’re not facing a mammoth blockade between you and the page. The exercises inside are fun, thought-provoking and slam you into creativity; resist though you may. I have done a few of them, but have also cheated and read ahead a bit to see what there is to see.  

Beside each topic or question is a space for writing, the size of which indicates to some degree the expected (by the authors) length of the project. Of course, it is up to the reader to truly decide how much time and space should be devoted to each one and whether or not to use the provided space in the book or move the project to another venue, computer or perhaps a treasured journal.

Here’s one example, the first task in fact, and my response:

Question – What can happen in a second?

My answer – Falling in love and falling in love all over again with the same person nearly always actually happen in that second it takes for the heart to flip over.

And off we go! Just thought I’d share this nifty little gift with my writer friends out there.

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