Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Few Good Links

I had hoped to bring you a very comprehensive listing of how-to videos that would enlighten and help you make your way through all the new social media options. I thought I would learn a lot in the process as well.

Unfortunately, what I’ve found is many, many outdated tutorials for Twitter and Facebook – none of which I can recommend anyone watch at this point. The differences between both of these platforms as they exist today and when these videos were made would be entirely too confusing.

So, the idea of “studying” social media through online videos is not really viable at this point. However, I did find some great videos and links to share with you.

First up, an article from Entrepreneur magazine’s online edition, about how to schedule your online marketing so that it doesn’t overwhelm you. Written for business, it isn’t always on point for writers, yet it is a good jumping off point for keeping your marketing under control.

For an inspiring look at how important social media has become and why you should be participating – watch:

Social Media Revolution 2011

To put the concepts of how to make a triple play in social marketing, here’s a terrific video:

How to Drive Traffic - The Holy Trinity of Social Media Marketing - Facebook, Twitter, Blog

What do to with Twitter and Facebook questions: There is a video out there for everything. If you have a specific question, I highly recommend searching Google or YouTube for that – for instance, I just input “How to pick a Twitter name” and got a link to “How to Choose a Twitter name.” This is the best advice I have for you.

If you haven’t yet heard of it, LinkedIn is becoming a great professional networking site, mainly for employment and sales. However, it’s worth your time to create a profile and begin building connections. It will lend you a professional presentation and you can make great contacts. Here are two videos I found worthwhile.

How & Why To Use

How to Use LinkedIn : Learn 5 Ways in 5 Minutes

This one is an essential for authors. GoodReads is a great site intended exclusively for readers and writers. You can create an author’s page and present your book for consideration. Hopefully, your readers will post reviews and recommend your book. I would recommend that you participate as a reader as well and give reviews back to the community.

GoodReads Tutorial - How To Setup Your GoodReads Account ...

That’s it for this edition. I’ve decided to continue to search for relevant videos and present them as I find them, perhaps at the end of my blogs. I hope you find some value in this list. Good luck out there fellow authors.

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  1. I need all the help I can get. Thank you, Kathy. My internet is so slow here that U-Tube is still a mystery to me.