Monday, September 20, 2010

Thank the Universe for Blogs!

Blogs! I now have four going and I’m truly thankful for whoever invented the idea of blogging.

When I first moved to Sacramento in my RV Wanda, where I’ve continued to live for 2 ½ years, I was newly unemployed from a job as a community newspaper editor. That sounds a bit glamorous, but the truth of it was I was also the reporter for the majority of the stories I ran and the weekly paginator. The point, however, is that when I quit I also left behind my weekly fix for a ready-made audience for my writing.

That’s when I discovered the joys of blogging as I chronicled my move, the search for a new job and my exploration of the area in my first blog, “Sacramento and Beyond.” I also developed a taste for the freedom of expression not allowed a journalist. I didn’t have to be so confoundedly careful.

At one time, I had amassed 650 visitors to that blog. I haven’t checked in a long time, so I don’t really know how many read it now, but I get nudges from some readers to get back on it.

It amazes me that I didn’t think of blogging about writing until just recently. How could that be? This is the subject I would go on and on about if anyone would listen. So, of course, I plan to exercise my freedom of speech on the subject ad nauseum.

Just you wait and see!

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